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Unlimited Calling within Israel, any Israeli number dialed is free (our lines are blocked to service numbers to avoid misunderstandings).

Unlimited Texting within Israel, send a text to anywhere in Israel for free.

Unlimited Worldwide Texting, send out text messages from your Israeli line to the entire world for free. MMS (multimedia Messages) can only be sent local, not international, and it’s not unlimited. (See below for rates).

Unlimited calling to USA Canada, any number dialed to the USA or Canada is free, including Toll free numbers, as long as the call was dialed direct (001) any international call made thru other carriers will be charged what we get charged plus a $0.05 markup per min.

3 GB Data, all the plans come with three GB of Data, the internet is refreshed every 2nd of the month, after the 3 GB is used up, the internet will slow down to 128 kbps. You can always add a data package if the 3 GB is not enough or used up. (Same applies to Internet modem plans.)

Unlimited Virtual Number, Incoming calls to the virtual number is free, text messages can’t be sent to the virtual number.

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