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Reichberg Travel Agency

is synonymous with incredible travel experience and outstanding customer service. What sets us apart is our 48 years of experience satisfying over thousands of customers. Our agents are always seeking to improve to make things smoother, easier, and more convenient for our customers. Because here at Reichberg Travel, you are our top priority.

The first travel agency to offer organized guided tours to Europe and Israel, Reichberg travel is still at the head of the pack when it comes to arranging group tours to Israel, a family heritage trip to Europe, or any other getaway. In fact, their annual pilgrimage to the Noam Elimelech’s Kever in Lizhensk has become the trip of the year.

Reichberg Travel was founded by Rabbi Mendel Reichberg in 1970.  Rabbi Mendel, a survivor, could not bear to forget his ancestors’ graves that lay abandoned in Europe. At first, only a handful of people accompanied him on his annual trip back to Europe. Over years, the group and his reputation grew, and he started Reichberg Travel to better accommodate those who wanted to travel to Europe.

Today, Reichberg Travel is still run by Rabbi Mendel’s family, and each customer is treated like they are part of the family.

Rabbi Meir Reichberg and the knowledgeable team at Reichbeg Travel are always ready to answer your questions, hear your concerns, or help you book the trip of a lifetime.