Rebetzin Nesia

//Rebetzin Nesia

Rebetzin Nesia


Early Bird Speical untill Feb. 27

Departing Wednesday, March 27 Returning Sunday, March 31



Unforgettable Experience in Lizensk, for the Yartzheit of Rebbe R’ Elimelech of Lizensk 2019.

Be a part of the thousands who have had a yeshuah for Parnassah, Refuah, Zivugim, and Healthy Children.
“On the day of the Yartzheit the Rebbe R’ Elimelech blesses everyone that comes” Tiferes Shlomo of Radomsk

which will be led by the world renowned Rebbetzin sara Meisels תליט”א Daughter of Bobover Rebbe zt”l


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